Friday, 23 December 2011

Tara S'appart- Little 7"

don't care much for any of the songs on here, but it's a neat little relic because of its relation to eric's trip. their best full-length album was definitely love tara, and this here is that tara. the one that rick loved. the one who, if we're to believe her moniker, tore rick and julie s'appart. maybe you'll like some of this. i see what she's going for here, but the dice are missing. rick white drums on this recording. it was put out by homemade hearts in 1996.


mending time
the land of where lost dreams go

pushed luck off a cliff

Juniper- You Don't Hide So Well

as foretold. more really swell tunes from this awesome band. this is the last in the way of recordings by juniper that i know of. by now you hopefully know the score. lovely shoegaze pop. both sides of this 7" are total winners. a turntable friend put this slab-o'-wax out in 1996. listen, listen, repeat.


you don't hide so well
anna thema

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Juniper- Making Gerard Smile 7"

juniper rules. i posted their third effort on fantastic pop records a while back, and now here's their first release. pretty sure their entire recorded output consists of three 7"s, and i'll have the second posted here sometime soon. awesome stuff here. female-fronted shoegazesque pop. put out in 1996 on the orange label. highly recommended.


making gerard smile

a blitz on sunday afternoon

Friday, 2 December 2011

Poundsign- The Almondy Many 7"

it's been a little while, old friend. pull up a chair and sit on it backwards. another 7" by poundsign here, and if you liked the last one then you'll probably like this one too. melodic indie pop. put out on fantastic records in 1997. the sugar on this one might have you bouncing a bit but it's not enough to rot your teeth. i mean that in a good way. because rotting teeth is undesirable. 


the almondy many
our new ways