Sunday, 27 January 2013

Justin Clifford Rhody and Some Other People & A. Restrepo and the Older Siblings- split 7"

totally tighteous, royally righteous, stone-chizzlin', spoon-whittlin' lo-fi acoustrummin' can't-do-no-wrong-because-y'can't-do-no-right jams for y'all to vibe with. restrepo brings the get up and flail to rhody's slow down (and out). your diet aspartame eyes haven't seen a damn thing yet. clack that download button like you're confident about a decision for once.


jcr & sop-

bear claws
sleeping with trouble
ask them if they have any aspirin / off you (the breeders)
i'm a grown woman's baby
22, 28, 32

ar & tos-

valley of fire
drought-tolerant bunch grasses

bury my clothes in the orange grove

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Happy Jawbone Family Band / Great Valley split 7"

face it: your christmases are always kind of weird ("grandpa, stop doing that please") but never weird enough to transcend grandpa's unwanted advances. fix it here. it's a good slop of strange with a healthy side of shake that, honey. christmas will likely never be the same again, and not because grandpa's dead. these are limited to 150 copies. grab one from feeding tube records if it hits you square in that spot.


happy jawbone family band:
it's christmastime again
martian santa

great valley:
christmas spirits

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Park / A Boy Named Thor- Six New Ways To Hold Your Girl While Dancing 7"

quiet down back there. take your coffeemaker ears and allow this mixture to percolate. equal parts soft wimp-pop and bedroom time-passings for you to teethe on. tongue tasting is fine but don't chew these would-be winter garments. park beats boy without much of a struggle. footing is best found in the song "scout," but what do i know? no, what do you know? i'm asking. extract and itemize each bit of knowledge that hides in the creaks and crevices of whatever you've got up there. send it to me in a goblet made of glass and wood and we'll go from there. hit up unread records for physical copies of this here slab if you dig 'er.


like she's addicted to pathos
with rusty wires

a boy named thor:
the bear and the bee
dance party usa
midnight at the sage

complimentary grappling hooks for all third-grade dreamers