Monday, 25 June 2012

split pants! Mean Jeans / Hollywood 7"

what's a bonzo journey summer 2012, you ask? then you probably shouldn't download this, because it ain't for jerks with questions. this is for getting down and partying. this is for the sugar overdose and the subsequent acid reflux that tears up your throat. this is the motherfuckin' mean jeans (and hollywood). this is nowhere near the jeans's best slap-around and still it rules. (let's go b4 they blow their) brains out.

if any part of this tune gets you to even slightly nod your head along to a few beats, do yourself a favour and check out either [read: both] of their full-lengths (are you serious / mean jeans on mars). then send them money so that they can keep pumpin' out these [jock] jams [4]. this is the tour cover for the split 7" they released with hollywood a while ago.


mean jeans- (let's go b4 i blow my) brains out
hollywood- (i prefer) drugs

"a second hole in your capri sun"

Monday, 18 June 2012

V/A- Patty Duke Fanzine #2 7"

ladies covering lady duke. gaze makin' an appearance and knockin' it real good, just as gaze does. rose melberg (of the softies and also of rose melberg) does her mangum doin' his patty. international house of (pancakes/karen) does a number that's all bopsy-doodle; bouncin', steppin', turnin', twirlin' shenanigans. buck takes the pop in a punk direction that's all like, hey, what number is this track on the empire records soundtrack? get foolish and stay there.


buck- sure gonna miss him
gaze- whenever she holds you
international house of karen- tell me momma
rose melberg- i love how you love me

two steps forward, winded and doubled over.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dead Dog- Don't Touch Me

a second helping of dead dog. don't touch them. you know better. more jamz for your outside waddles about town and your inside waffle-eatings. unsuitable for anything in between. you've picked up the scent, now chase it down. put out by let's pretend records in 2010. damn, damn fine.


treading water
pizza taco
cryin II
hollywood cemetary
mama loves

something or another about anything