Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Sometimes Promise / 3 Letter Engagement- split 7"

mid 90s emo split between two bands that did little (nothing?) else. stratagem ripcords put this out in 1997. the track that a sometimes promise does is alright, but 3 letter engagement's tune is the clear winner, and it's what makes the split worth listening to. 


a sometimes promise- 30 seconds in the police station
3 letter engagement- witness

Monday, 19 September 2011

Acrobat Down- 5 11 8 6 7"

a really awesome little ep is what this is. the only song i don't really care for here is (6) the littlest- the rest is most excellent. atact musicalities put this out in 1997 and it's been hiding from most everyone since then. hopefully it's a bit more exposed now, because it's a nice spring of mid 90s independent music. drink up.


(5) false start
(11) so long
(8) no simple captain
(6) the littlest

frozen tree sap, foul things afoot

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tom LoMacchio- To Wander And Fade 7"

this release sounds clearer than his previous ones. it's comprised of an original tune and a cover of a song by the band lync (done entirely on keys). pretty stuff here. easy to listen to, easy to like. let the weather turn. you've got leaves to step on and the music to set the scene to. 


to wander and to fade
firestarter (lync)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Belly Boat / Sneakypine / Mount Eerie / Thanksgiving- Four Band Split 7"

i'm pretty sure this record has no name. it's a four band split 7" that stop drop records put out in 2006. all of the music on here is good. everything is pretty somber aside from the belly boat song, which seems almost out of place with its upbeat bounce. hidden under its buoyant bop are some strange lyrics, and so in some strange way, it seems to fit right in. and the sneakypine track sounds like it has phil elverum singing on it. i have rambled a bit without reason it seems, because all you really needed to know is that this is good. throughout. all four bands. all two bands on either side.  mathematics: they are not your strongest suit.


belly boat- give me a pot to piss in and i'll give you something to drink
sneakypine- shelter cover
mount eerie- let's get out of the romance (black)
thanksgiving- in the cavez of night

the magician's got scars

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

split! Sharks Keep Moving / Kentucky Pistol 7"

henry's finest recordings put this out in 1998, or at least that's when the bands recorded their songs. it's an early (first?) sharks keep moving release. it's nice and pretty, much like everything else they wrote. kentucky pistol was a band that rocky votolato was in. while their song isn't as strong as the sharks keep moving number, it's really an entirely different beast. the first half of their song is loud, discordant, and angular- the opposite of what the sharks were up to. then in around the middle of the track, it breaks into a really nice melodic part, followed up abruptly with another segment musically akin to the first half. enough with the descriptors though. seriously. fuck them. fuck descriptors and the crowd they hang out with. hear this one for yourself. neither side disappoints.


sharks keep moving- intimations of a moment
kentucky pistol- french version: they were on a train

you eat the sun, i'll bake the dirt

Sunday, 11 September 2011

V/A- Nailed To The Stars

this compilation was released by jealous butcher records in 1996, and the bands are all connected to eugene, oregon. each band here does a couple of tracks. some strikeout both times (pete & amy), some go dutch (rally boy), and one double whammies 'em clear out of the elementary school's park and smashes the window of the principal's office (kind of like spitting). a decent compilation, and completely worth downloading for the kind of like spitting tracks alone, which offers an unreleased track (time and how to waste it) and one only previously available on the debut cassette (february 18th, 1996).


the ex-hustlers- iago's coat; stella in need
the power jack- sanchez; calibrate
kind of like spitting- time and how to waste it; february 1996
22 sparkling smiles- everyday; sea of heartbreak
bossa nova 2600- choke; donde es maria, ora?
rally boy- shad virus; france and colorado
pete & amy- too good to be true; how long has this been going on?
kpants- my strong back legs; vampire girl

the ebbs of tomorrow felt today

Friday, 9 September 2011

Places We Slept- I Would Rather You Not Know Me 7"

this here's a pretty excellent three song 7" of lo-fi emolike indie germs that bring the melody. places we slept rocks outta omaha, and this, their first foray into vinyl, is limited to 100 copies. so if you like what you hear (and likely you will), then grab a copy without that whole hesitation habit that's been destroying all of your opportunities in life as of late.


four square queen
retired at nineteen
the radiation cure for acne

a simple game of twenty questions that devolves into wild accusations

Thursday, 8 September 2011

V/A- Gainesville Pop Mayhem!

four bands on this little slice, offering a glimpse into what sort of mayhem was abound at the 2008 festival. definitely a solid thing, this. simple, safe, effective pop. nothing that achieves greatness, but all songs here are good (with the possible exception of citra super's ditty). take a whirl without hesitation here.


citra super- glowing town
the french horns- think of rain
nervous systems- married housing
que possum- stay heavy

Friday, 2 September 2011

V/A- Periscope: Another Yo Yo Compilation

by and large, this comp is most excellent. it's got only a few shitty songs, and the rest of them range from pretty good to really great. essential because neutral milk hotel's awesome song "bucket" is exclusive to this release. the raggedy ann tune is also a definite highlight here. undeniably worth your while to listen to this.


mukilteo fairies- bloody breath
go sailor- last year
excuse 17- sevewhateverteen
fitz of depression- piss butt
love as laughter- super christ
tummy ache- purple violet squish
raggedy ann- orange juice star
cub- flaming red bob sled
crabs- chubbette
appleseed- high
bloodthirsty butchers- i hate you
neutral milk hotel- bucket
long hind legs- dress in my bed
tattle tale- girls go to heaven
team dresch- fake fight
copass grinderz- bakuonki
beck- the world may lose its motion

words as sleight of hand