Thursday, 29 November 2012

C. McAlister- Creosote LP

while you've been out swabbing your cheeks with popsicle sticks, someone has been here minding the shop this whole time. so fuck off, and then look at what the cat dragged in, gutted, and left on your sunday morning linens. charlie mcalister chews it up and sticks it onto the underbelly of all third grade  desk-chairs. if you've liked sleeping in, this hear is a can't miss. it's a top-shelf one-sided slab of weirdo lo-fi folk pop that, incredibly, still happens to be readily available from unread records. let these sounds seep deep down into your wandering guts, and then pretend like you know what you're doing for once and grab it from the label. furiously. furiously grab this record now.


lockjaw and owls
total maroon
sand me down
fiberglass and lifejackets
reefer & bread
i am no longer an inlet
i feel like wax
not frozen
the sick girl
diagram of some time

baby, you're garbage.