Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dead Dog- S/T

this here is agreeable. indie/pop/punk/whatever. lady-fronted, melodic, poorly recorded (in a good way), etcetera. you probably should want to hear this. you probably have a lot of things in your life that you should probably do but you don't. sort some shit out for yourself and come back when you decide to start doing things that will advance your life in a positive manner. also, your family said they were ashamed of you, and not just as members of your family but as citizens of earth.


lil' miss icu
return of the living dead
swallow it
dead dogs don't mind
hate song (daniel johnston cover)
worth it
partners in crime
oh my fullness

losing your legs to the weirder parts

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Poem Rocket- Pretty Baby

usually i'll throw up the whole of something, because what's not mine is sometimes yours. throw up in your mouth: i've decided to post only one (essential) song. you'll have to trust that the rest of the songs on this blue chevy impala 10" are marginal to moderate, but need not be heard. this one does need hearing though. a beautiful, off-kilter pop song to rub your face against pillows to. this is not for your personal pretty baby; this is for you, pretty baby.


pretty baby

limbs by your sides, flail and rise: it's morning.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Patterns Make Sunrise- Untitled 7"

two posts in one day? greedy, egregious, greek lettering. enough of that though, let's peel this present open and have a quick look-see. hmmm, this can't be right. something is terribly off here. you didn't want to hear the entire recorded output (four songs/keep ramblin' on) of a little-known ind-emo band that appeared and was gone. return to sender, post-haste with a post-marked date. or take your moments and spend 'em on a listen, and then rejoice that this obscure goodie no-shoes is available from k records for five bucks.


silo coordinance
quilceda creek
so as to
light to your heart

two minutes for backslashing

V/A- A Gift From Sing-Sing: A Popfactory Compilation

hamilton? how are them paddles holding up? it's been a while since last we spoke. here's a treat. or is it a gift? it is both. as far as long-playin' pop comps go, this is a nice one. you (yes, you, hamilton) will likely find a few tunes that jibe with who you are and what you're all about these days. but don't take that kind of shit from me. stand up for yourself and hear this with your own (two?) ears. put out in the year of 1996 by popfactory records.

no tracklist this time, just love.