Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cloud Car- Forchan 7"

pleasant enough indie / emo stuff. released sometime in the 90s by plumline records. these cats were from michigan. this ain't music that'll shatter your world, but it's here for your checking out.


great gulfs of nothing

dearest idiot midget: everything goes over your head

The Nymphets- Feels Like Motherfuckers 7"

canadian. released in 2008 by psychic handshake records. fast and fun. male and female singers. two short blasts of goodness. for your summer. for her pleasure.


feels like motherfuckers
bekki anne

farewell to what few shreds of dignity remain

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Stryder- The Hits Just Keep On Comin'... 7"

fun pop-punk with a shade of emo for good measure. elkion records released this in 2000. stronger songs than their full-length debut "masquerade in the key of crime", which has its highs and lows but doesn't hold up much on the whole. this band is from long island, and the vocals are saves the day-esque, though i find them a little bit easier to digest. of the two tracks, onward christian soldier is definitely the better track.


white spiders
onward christian soldier

impolite requests to mind one's etiquette

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Belreve- Nothing 7"

fuzzy indiepop. this was released on anyway records in 1993. they went on to put out another 7" on slumberland records and also had a split 7" with guided by voices. hopefully that helps out with what you can expect. if you're looking for something special though, this is not that. good enough to check out though.


the sky is falling

Sunday, 19 June 2011

split! King For A Day / Empire State Games

when i first bought this i had already known empire state games had put out some awesome stuff. the king for a day track was a pleasant surprise though. nothing out of the ordinary, just a quality emo tune. the empire state games track is also excellent. old skool records put this out in 1997. 


king for a day- hit or miss you
empire state games- armchair general

No Reply- Carte Blanche 7"

nice enough emo jams from a band that didn't release too much stuff. this isn't the only band that went by the name no reply. as far as i know, this particular no reply band only released this and a split with the band stillwell. two songs on this 7" but out by streetcar music international in 1998, and they've got your slow, quiet parts with hushed vocals as well as your typical, louder parts with yelps. 


everything to give

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shannon And The Clams- Hunk Hunt 7"

this was originally released by weird hug records in 2009, and it is seriously awesome stuff. really glad that their newly released second album is good, because it would've been pretty easy for a band like this to undergo a sophomore tanking. instead, they've now put out several releases that are all rad. this is their first vinyl release. reverb & feedback galore, they craft really pleasant songs influenced by 60s pop that they mix with their own garage punk feel. the title track is the weakest cut here, but overall a really excellent ep.


would you love me if i was dead?
hunk hunt

intense diary ramblings of your third cousin

The Ropers- Sunbathe 7"

their first release on slumberland records. this came out in 1993. soft vocals, loud guitars. "waiting" is good, and "lost" is awesome. the other one is kind of a dud. melodic indie shoegaze stuff. the oldest slumberland release still available.


cool self

sad party, no one's invited

Sunday, 12 June 2011

split! Pizza / Tideland 7"

i feel like this split sort of flew under the radar. it's really good though. pizza delivers two slices of melodic pop, with their second song ("in your head") obviously being the better, more complete of the two pieces. tideland's track is a little heavier. it's still melodic, but it's got a darker feel to it and the chorus is catchy and urgent. 


pizza- do-do-la-la
pizza- in your head
tideland- the graveyard song

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Silver Scooter- Biting My Nails 7"

first release from another underrated band. this was put out in 1996 by peek-a-boo records. the title track is the best song of the bunch, with "returning" being a close enough second. the other track ("come around") isn't very strong, but it's still listenable. instrumentally, it actually sort of reminds me of the promise ring circa nothing feels good. i've got several more silver scooter 7"s i can eventually put up here. if you're still unconvinced by what you hear, seek out the track "pumpkin eyes". it was released on both their first album and a great comp called "(don't forget to) breathe".


biting my nails
come around

Friday, 10 June 2011

Vitreous Humor- My Midget 7"

underrated alert. vitreous humor was an excellent band that arose from the midwest in the mid 90s. post-punk, emo, indie-you can call this whatever you want, but it's best to just call it good. the song "my midget" later appeared on a cd release aptly titled "posthumous". the flip side is a song called "new victoria falls", which was featured only on this 7". their biggest hit was "why are you so mean to me", which was featured on a split with boys life and nada surf later bought the rights for it. it's definitely worth seeking out their other stuff. one of my personal favourites is the song "sharin' stone".


my midget
new victoria falls

Thursday, 9 June 2011

White Wires- Pogo 'Til I Puke 7"

a great little slab of pop-punk from some cats who hail from the capital of canada. break out the bubblegum and don't listen to your teachers. both sides of this 7" are winners. this was released within the last couple of years or so by ugly pop records. also: the bass. it kicks. 


pogo 'til i puke tonight
don't call me when you're ill

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rosemary Krust- Bernt Anker 7"

this is rosemary krust's second 7"that came out on dull knife records in an edition of 300 copies. melodic pop that's a bit on the weird side (in the best kind of way). lo-fi fuzzy reverb that nearly blows out the speakers. lush and loud and looking to be left alone. at once both scuzzy and all pretty-like.


cicada killer
for matthia

leavin' another thing unfinished

J Mascis And The Fog- Waistin' 7"

a nice single here from the dinosaur jr frontman after he finally clued in that the band he was in hadn't actually been dinosaur jr for quite a while. cue: the fog. the b-side here is a cover of leaving on a jetplane, and both tracks on this record are pretty excellent. city slang put this out in 2001.


leaving on a jetplane

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Manhattan Love Suicides- Kick It Back 7"

an excellent bit of relatively recent shoegaze pop. noisy and melodic. female-fronted. now unfortunately defunct. newer (but worse) band blanche hudson weekend has ties to this band. really awesome throughout, though the first track is the weakest. released on magic marker records.


kick it back (7" version)
cracked open
you'll never get that guy
way out of reach

they'll lay in the cut, you'll be left in the lurch

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Moviola- All By Myself 7"

another moviola post, and expect more moviola posts to come. underrated melodic lo-fi pop. this was released in 1994 by ratfish records. probably ought to start getting acquainted with this band if you haven't already. 


all by myself
convenient store