Thursday, 30 August 2012

Veronica Lake / Crayon 7"

respec. this was the first cher doll records release, put out in 1993. both bands deliver a heavy-hitting indie slopper that will step on the unclosed eyelids of every unborn insomniac. let it drip down slowly before you put it in the blender. best to go seek out other veronica lake stuff if you haven't stumbled across it already.


veronica lake- sleepyhouse
crayon- this dream is gone

something unsettling that way goes

Sunday, 26 August 2012

V/A- Dull Lights In A Well-Lit Room

pretty much all of these went back to your local dollar bin. each has a song that's worth hearing, though not enough to justify keeping the record. me against the world's song is okay. the dick justice song is ruined by its chorus (and has no place being a six minute song). ruby falls is great for the first 45 seconds. are you of the understanding yet?

me against the world- i'm not a psycho really
ruby falls- angels two
dick justice- nine out of ten (nietzsche remix)
the seamonsters- for crying out loud
cheerleader- truckin'

tape up the things that are snapped in two

Friday, 24 August 2012

Mean Spirit'd Robots / Ramon Speed- Held Longer Than Odes But Shorter Than Haikus 7"

likely to be the last of the mean spirit'd robots stuff posted here comes with a healthy dose from the speed. more of what you already know you like. ramon speed's second, quieter number "red beans and rice" could be the winner here, but they're all worth your while. all four from all two. put out in 1997 by catsup plate records.


msr- i fell down in the shower this a.m.
msr- all the junkys
rs- you've changed your place in this world
rs- red beans and rice

get disruptive when the boring gets going

Monday, 13 August 2012

Mean Spirit'd Robots- I'm Freezing 7"

more from the robot(s), so you know you're in for more good things. more good lo-fi things, more good weird things, more things in general. the first track is reason enough to download this. all of your fiery basements don't sound as nice this one.


fiery basement
i heart the cities
mint green labcoat
yr vision = colecovision
from you i fly
the distribution of wealth in this country really sux

when quitting is in your best interest

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mean Spirit'd Robots- Whose Midnite? What Dragon? 7"

excellent lo-fi loner bedroom folk. one original song and one cover here. limited to 100 copies, recorded in 1995, and put out by blackbean and placenta tape club. great, understated tunes for y'all to sully your sunday's best in.


i am the lucky "1" (msr)
o susannah (s. foster)

lambasting inanimate objects for unrelated problems