Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dear Nora- The New Year EP & Unreleased Songs 12"

get yer wet cheeks off my shoulder. this one had to be posted while the weather was still chewin' on your frozen face. mostly somber, usually acoustic, always melodic. solid, consistent, pretty jingles for a parched mouth and a bad back. sit up, lay back down, sit up again, pace around; it's big enough for two but this town just isn't doing it for you anymore. good thing this one has a henrys dress cover on it. and fifteen other rip-and-spits too. 

your shoelaces are always the first thing to go in this world

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Urban Legends- S/T 7"

dreaming of april skies only to realize it's still february, but that doesn't mean there's no dancing in the house of cards that's been dealt to you. only posting the b-side of this one, because that's all you need to hear (and you do need to hear it). put out by a fine emo purveyor of the 90s- tree records- and there's enough melody on this one to spare some change and stave off the humming buzz inside your brain for another day. you're going steady now; slow it down so you can speed it back up.


now and then, forever

the bottom notch is the last to be squashed

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Summer Hits- 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7"

the celestial bodies beam down on you today; a double-post of most excellent tunes. this one's essential, and i don't throw that term around. hopefully you've already heard of the summer hits- their discography is smattered across several 7"s and is largely collected on their double-disc Beaches and Canyons. if that thing ever gets pressed on vinyl, look out. peace may emanate from every uneven crack in the sidewalk. bridges might become rainbows. torrents of orgasm materialized in wave-form would likely crash against the sand and turn the dirt in your teeth to bars of gold. these three songs are, as always, ripped from vinyl, and with this being a copy of the limited edition colour, you can really hear the green in each song. okay, enough fucking around. every track  kicks like a mule scorned, so drop everything (including the priceless vase you're holding), grab this, and listen repeatedly. 


lift off
mod cinema

The Ninjas- In and Out 7"

tilt back that head, oil up the jawbone, and pull down the chin: something thick with fuzz this way comes. consume it urgently. "crash pop," or "indie slop," or whatever label you need to read. it's smackin' you in the face like a biting winter's wind. you should hear this. might as well wake up or stay asleep for good. you should hear this. shock your static brainwaves, they've flatlined, they're grey. you should hear this. put out a while ago by blackbean and placenta tape club.


In and Out (w. Brandon Hillard)
Calling You Out

A furious retreat to apathy

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Crabs- Dreamboat 7"

make way. straight from the depths of the two-dollar chasm, an excellent four-song slab rises and rears its poppy head. tracks maribel and dreamboat are instant hits in a parallel universe- one interested in doling out dollops of quality indie-rock to the sun-soaked masses. instead these jams are stuck languishing in obscurity, just like your contributions to society. we're sorry, dad. we're all really sorry. but did you see that the band is called the crabs, and then there's a crab on the cover?! it counts for something. i think it's gotta count for a lot, actually.




shut up. 
let me start that again. 
hello. a few things before we schlock on back to the rock. first, how are you? everything's just grand? excellent. next, know that i read the comments and appreciate that you slickers have taken the time to leave them. this brings me to the next point that begs for a bit of feather-dustin': as you doobs have probably noticed, i'm no good at link maintenance. if there's something you simply cannot live without, hit me up at eatingskittles @ gmail dot dot dash dot com, and i'll see what i can do for you. no laundry lists please. this blog only aspires to flash inside that ol' proverbial pan, so check back infrequently and download as we go. it's an adventure, you know. 

third-most, i'm aware of mediafire's newfound lust for tomfoolery. we'll see if we can hike it up and skirt around the problem. 

blastly, a while ago i posted a swell 7" by the band square pegs. a commenter wants you to know that you can grab a bunch of the band's stuff by following the link that concludes this post.

more jams to follow at irregular intervals. 
stay defiantly stupid, m'friends.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Justin Clifford Rhody and Some Other People & A. Restrepo and the Older Siblings- split 7"

totally tighteous, royally righteous, stone-chizzlin', spoon-whittlin' lo-fi acoustrummin' can't-do-no-wrong-because-y'can't-do-no-right jams for y'all to vibe with. restrepo brings the get up and flail to rhody's slow down (and out). your diet aspartame eyes haven't seen a damn thing yet. clack that download button like you're confident about a decision for once.


jcr & sop-

bear claws
sleeping with trouble
ask them if they have any aspirin / off you (the breeders)
i'm a grown woman's baby
22, 28, 32

ar & tos-

valley of fire
drought-tolerant bunch grasses

bury my clothes in the orange grove