Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sloane Peterson- Knots b/w Telephone 7"

posted especially for you and yours, here's some stupid pop-punk (and i mean that in the best way possible). juvenile lyrics and nasal vocals make merry with driving, get-off-your-ass-and-dance guitar swanglin' hooks (swangles for all). take these two doses of empty, cheek-suckin' sugar smacks and call no one the next morning.

menacingly caressing the "DO NOT PRESS" button

Thursday, 29 November 2012

C. McAlister- Creosote LP

while you've been out swabbing your cheeks with popsicle sticks, someone has been here minding the shop this whole time. so fuck off, and then look at what the cat dragged in, gutted, and left on your sunday morning linens. charlie mcalister chews it up and sticks it onto the underbelly of all third grade  desk-chairs. if you've liked sleeping in, this hear is a can't miss. it's a top-shelf one-sided slab of weirdo lo-fi folk pop that, incredibly, still happens to be readily available from unread records. let these sounds seep deep down into your wandering guts, and then pretend like you know what you're doing for once and grab it from the label. furiously. furiously grab this record now.


lockjaw and owls
total maroon
sand me down
fiberglass and lifejackets
reefer & bread
i am no longer an inlet
i feel like wax
not frozen
the sick girl
diagram of some time

baby, you're garbage.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Skipper- In Italy 10"

didn't dig this as much as i did their 7", but this here 10" still shovels enough feel-good boppers to fall down to. this release seemed to get little-to-no attention. bummer city for party tunes. anxiety (here it comes) should get you movin' if your shoes still work. bachelor records put out 500 copies in 2010 and have it discounted hard in their webstore. like eight bucks shipped hard, and they're sending their hipshakers from austria. get into it.


not a girl left standing
anxiety (here it comes)
can't see you anymore
satellite love
driving around alone
really loving tonight
the lonely one and only man band

drag it out to leave on your floor

Friday, 14 September 2012

Mates of State / Dear Nora 7"

no reason not to grab this like now. solid covers like sheets of steel over a low-lying bed frame. dear nora's take tosses the microwaved maple syrup this way and warms your breakfast in the toaster oven. mates of state do just fine in escorting margot off the bus. she's not an easy one to crack, you know.


dear nora- girl from the north country
mates of state- these days

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Simon Joyner- Christine EP

terrible artwork meets great tunes. this is a collection of five songs recorded between 1994 and 1998. if you're not already well-acquainted with mr. joyner, i suggest you make it your business to remedy that. put out by secretly canadian in '98.


john train's blues
courting mary
everything's at stake
yellow precious letter

standing in place of that inspiring sentence

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Veronica Lake / Crayon 7"

respec. this was the first cher doll records release, put out in 1993. both bands deliver a heavy-hitting indie slopper that will step on the unclosed eyelids of every unborn insomniac. let it drip down slowly before you put it in the blender. best to go seek out other veronica lake stuff if you haven't stumbled across it already.


veronica lake- sleepyhouse
crayon- this dream is gone

something unsettling that way goes

Sunday, 26 August 2012

V/A- Dull Lights In A Well-Lit Room

pretty much all of these went back to your local dollar bin. each has a song that's worth hearing, though not enough to justify keeping the record. me against the world's song is okay. the dick justice song is ruined by its chorus (and has no place being a six minute song). ruby falls is great for the first 45 seconds. are you of the understanding yet?

me against the world- i'm not a psycho really
ruby falls- angels two
dick justice- nine out of ten (nietzsche remix)
the seamonsters- for crying out loud
cheerleader- truckin'

tape up the things that are snapped in two

Friday, 24 August 2012

Mean Spirit'd Robots / Ramon Speed- Held Longer Than Odes But Shorter Than Haikus 7"

likely to be the last of the mean spirit'd robots stuff posted here comes with a healthy dose from the speed. more of what you already know you like. ramon speed's second, quieter number "red beans and rice" could be the winner here, but they're all worth your while. all four from all two. put out in 1997 by catsup plate records.


msr- i fell down in the shower this a.m.
msr- all the junkys
rs- you've changed your place in this world
rs- red beans and rice

get disruptive when the boring gets going

Monday, 13 August 2012

Mean Spirit'd Robots- I'm Freezing 7"

more from the robot(s), so you know you're in for more good things. more good lo-fi things, more good weird things, more things in general. the first track is reason enough to download this. all of your fiery basements don't sound as nice this one.


fiery basement
i heart the cities
mint green labcoat
yr vision = colecovision
from you i fly
the distribution of wealth in this country really sux

when quitting is in your best interest

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mean Spirit'd Robots- Whose Midnite? What Dragon? 7"

excellent lo-fi loner bedroom folk. one original song and one cover here. limited to 100 copies, recorded in 1995, and put out by blackbean and placenta tape club. great, understated tunes for y'all to sully your sunday's best in.


i am the lucky "1" (msr)
o susannah (s. foster)

lambasting inanimate objects for unrelated problems

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

And Everybell And Whistle- Did You See What They Chased Him With? 7"

catchy, upbeat, melodic, loud. emo? indie? you shut yer mouth; no more questions. it's a shame, but like many awesome bands, this one appeared and was gone with little-to-no recognition and now languishes in obscurity. this release was limited to 300 copies and was put out by say and stay said. knock it back.


did you see what they chased him with?
frontal lip force coefficient

more hair gel for the punks

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Kyle Jacobsen- I Can Make New Friends With You

more unread goodness. this one's an older release. kyle jacobsen was a moniker for michael allison, who is dead now. his worldly absence makes for an added something or another when listening to these tunes,  all of which are the lowest of fi, the warmest of sad, the loneliest of loner, the best parts of bad trips. truly awesome stuff that is criminally unknown. everything on this release is really great. if you can't get behind songs like completely complete, we are not right, sun is shining on me now, and still born dreams, then get fucked. no, but seriously, it means you're probably checkin' out the wrong blog. this is the sort of thing that begs to be heard on vinyl (you'll know what i mean after you check this out), and sadly, unread records has had a time selling through these. this sucks for several reasons, but mostly because it means that this will likely be the only kyle jacobsen vinyl release. head over to unread, pick this up, and bombard them with emails to repress simon joyner's iffy while you're at it. tell them some jag with a blog on the internet sent you; they'll know what that means.


completely complete
lie to yourself
we are not right
close my eyes
i can't break down doors
(filmic warbles)
come back/come back/come back
constant rewind
inside out
chains that bind
eat your flesh
sun is shining on me now
vampire death song
woke up
still born dreams
born to be dead

unintelligible ramblings to rally around

Monday, 23 July 2012

Talking Mountain- The Nature of Magic and the Magic of Nature

only posting two songs from this album. they're the best of the bunch and the rest of it is really not for me at all. the pair of tunes offer up sweet, synth-y, sugary nothings for your summertime paddle-abouts. you've gotta keep it light sometimes if you're ever gonna float.


in her wrist / your brains must have leaked out
i'm kind of leaves

cut your teeth on open wounds

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dead Moon- Too Many People 7" (B-Side only)

you won't find many new releases up at sleeping in. here's another one though, and you should grab it fast. consider it a "preview", because i'm only posting the b-side (which happens to be the better side and makes the record worth buying). co-released by mississippi & change records. most excellent tunes for you to endlessly replay in that hazy-sway.


i'll follow you
claim to fame
(not posted: a-side tunes too many people & don't hate me)

chew it off and choke it down

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Places We Slept- Sad, Stoned, & Horny

a new release from the almighty unread records. this here is ripe for the drippin' and congealin'. catchy, wobbling, lo-fi, adjective, adjective, sad, blown-out excellence from places we slept. this one-sided 12" kicks off the right way. the girlfriend of the band, molly, is a lady covered with a sheen of sweat, all scuzzy-like and with a beauty that has to be clawed at to get to. she sets up a precedent that is to be followed for the sad, stoned, and horny throughout. come unhinged / re-hinge / unhinge again (six times over). you're in for short, pretty bursts of loud sadpop and turpentine that are curled around three even shorter blips of sebadoh-esque tape manipulation and false starts (garble). it's the kind that begs to be heard on vinyl. act fast, procrastinator. there are only 150 of these silkscreened things.


my girlfriend molly
not a very funny guy
daddy i$$ues
pregnant with an elephant
sorry wrong number (he blew it)
i was born crying

slipped in it and stayed down

Monday, 9 July 2012

Consignment- Gone 7"

blisteringly adequate. put out by sweet rot records in 2010 for y'all to vibe wit'. slow and meandering like breathing on a wednesday evening. there's a cat on the cover. the song "baby" starts off with some loud promise before jangling its way down to a sleepy bounce-step-pivot-turn. the songs here all sound pretty similar to me, so if you don't like the first tune... do you see the cat on the cover?


do you know?

start (hammer time is over)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Lazarus Plot- (The End.) 7"

lady-fronted emo jams here, skip. get thinkin' along the lines of rainer maria (circa past worn searching; look now, look again) & everyone asked about you. find thee lazari partying on this chubby slab like it's 1999 (the year when blood of the young records coughed this release into existence). standard over-the-top 90s emo trinkets came with this, like the dipsy-doodles included in an envelope that came attached back of the oversized cardboard cover. you probably know what you're in for now, so bet the farm.


charmed, i'm sure
eyes like sticks

those coals aren't going to rake themselves

Monday, 25 June 2012

split pants! Mean Jeans / Hollywood 7"

what's a bonzo journey summer 2012, you ask? then you probably shouldn't download this, because it ain't for jerks with questions. this is for getting down and partying. this is for the sugar overdose and the subsequent acid reflux that tears up your throat. this is the motherfuckin' mean jeans (and hollywood). this is nowhere near the jeans's best slap-around and still it rules. (let's go b4 they blow their) brains out.

if any part of this tune gets you to even slightly nod your head along to a few beats, do yourself a favour and check out either [read: both] of their full-lengths (are you serious / mean jeans on mars). then send them money so that they can keep pumpin' out these [jock] jams [4]. this is the tour cover for the split 7" they released with hollywood a while ago.


mean jeans- (let's go b4 i blow my) brains out
hollywood- (i prefer) drugs

"a second hole in your capri sun"

Monday, 18 June 2012

V/A- Patty Duke Fanzine #2 7"

ladies covering lady duke. gaze makin' an appearance and knockin' it real good, just as gaze does. rose melberg (of the softies and also of rose melberg) does her mangum doin' his patty. international house of (pancakes/karen) does a number that's all bopsy-doodle; bouncin', steppin', turnin', twirlin' shenanigans. buck takes the pop in a punk direction that's all like, hey, what number is this track on the empire records soundtrack? get foolish and stay there.


buck- sure gonna miss him
gaze- whenever she holds you
international house of karen- tell me momma
rose melberg- i love how you love me

two steps forward, winded and doubled over.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dead Dog- Don't Touch Me

a second helping of dead dog. don't touch them. you know better. more jamz for your outside waddles about town and your inside waffle-eatings. unsuitable for anything in between. you've picked up the scent, now chase it down. put out by let's pretend records in 2010. damn, damn fine.


treading water
pizza taco
cryin II
hollywood cemetary
mama loves

something or another about anything

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dead Dog- S/T

this here is agreeable. indie/pop/punk/whatever. lady-fronted, melodic, poorly recorded (in a good way), etcetera. you probably should want to hear this. you probably have a lot of things in your life that you should probably do but you don't. sort some shit out for yourself and come back when you decide to start doing things that will advance your life in a positive manner. also, your family said they were ashamed of you, and not just as members of your family but as citizens of earth.


lil' miss icu
return of the living dead
swallow it
dead dogs don't mind
hate song (daniel johnston cover)
worth it
partners in crime
oh my fullness

losing your legs to the weirder parts

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Poem Rocket- Pretty Baby

usually i'll throw up the whole of something, because what's not mine is sometimes yours. throw up in your mouth: i've decided to post only one (essential) song. you'll have to trust that the rest of the songs on this blue chevy impala 10" are marginal to moderate, but need not be heard. this one does need hearing though. a beautiful, off-kilter pop song to rub your face against pillows to. this is not for your personal pretty baby; this is for you, pretty baby.


pretty baby

limbs by your sides, flail and rise: it's morning.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Patterns Make Sunrise- Untitled 7"

two posts in one day? greedy, egregious, greek lettering. enough of that though, let's peel this present open and have a quick look-see. hmmm, this can't be right. something is terribly off here. you didn't want to hear the entire recorded output (four songs/keep ramblin' on) of a little-known ind-emo band that appeared and was gone. return to sender, post-haste with a post-marked date. or take your moments and spend 'em on a listen, and then rejoice that this obscure goodie no-shoes is available from k records for five bucks.


silo coordinance
quilceda creek
so as to
light to your heart

two minutes for backslashing

V/A- A Gift From Sing-Sing: A Popfactory Compilation

hamilton? how are them paddles holding up? it's been a while since last we spoke. here's a treat. or is it a gift? it is both. as far as long-playin' pop comps go, this is a nice one. you (yes, you, hamilton) will likely find a few tunes that jibe with who you are and what you're all about these days. but don't take that kind of shit from me. stand up for yourself and hear this with your own (two?) ears. put out in the year of 1996 by popfactory records.

no tracklist this time, just love.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars- Who Will Be The One? 7"

that pretty voice from eric's trip and all of her wooden stars. "who will be the one?" ain't much of something or another, but "too much" is there for you to squeeze its cheeks and tear into its stuffing. pretty/soft/warm/sparse. eyelids a-droopin' with that swollen throat sound. yer in fer it this time, frozen guts.


who will be the one?
too much

accurate predictions from baseless assumptions

Radar Eyes- Shakes 7"

this here's from the hozac hook-up klub of 2010. i could (and will) say a few words about this hot slab, but just look at the picture of the cover. if this doesn't convince you to check it out, i doubt much else will. the a-side ("shakes") pops enough to punk. the b-side ("not you again") slows it down a tad to match the rate that your sugary tears fall at. totally worthy of a couple mouse clicks. also, look at that cover again. pure excellence.


not you again

the hardest part of all of this is the thick outer shell.

Friday, 9 March 2012

The Shackles- Broken Arm 7"

the a-side bites off a chunk and feeds it to the starving. a groovy, short, noisy pop song to remind you that the stars are fine without you worrying about their well-being. flip it to get funeral shroud. enough good stuff going on there to warrant a whirl, but broken arm is why you're a-needin' to hear this. released by sweet rot records in 2009.


broken arm
funeral shroud

nodding off in the distance

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Shannon And The Clams- Ruin Christmas 7"

has been re-upped. know this caused some great despair. i'll delete this post soon, but to all thee who desire a belated ruined christmas, it's there for you now. and buy the damn 7" too, eh? it's a good one.

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Cat's Miaow- I Kept All Your Letters 7"

more soft indie plop for you to wuss out to. female-fronted and melodic. think a more shoegazey version of the softies perhaps? enjoyable in short bursts. put out in 1995 by quiddity records. i'll also put up another single they released in the same year on the same label as the same band. best track on here probably is it's true.


it's true
seventeen (the sugargliders)
what time is it there?
i can't sleep thinking you hate me

exclaim "stop yelling at me" to someone typing in all lowercase letters

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Ropers / The Tribbles- Everyone Has A Secret Daydream 7"...

pleasant, inoffensive indie pop here. the ropers track is the best of the bunch i'd say, though them tracks by the tribbles ain't too bad neither. quiet and melodic. tunes to trick your mother into thinking you're not violent and angry and about to do something bad. this came out with a magazine in 1994 and was a split release by brilliant records and giant pool ball records.

the ropers- sweet lord i know
the tribbles- mercury
the tribbles- liberty 5-3000