Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pizza- Real To Me 7"

this band now goes by the name teens in trouble, and this 7" is still available for your purchasing, and purchase you ought. they've also got their LP and a split with the band tideland that you can buy. you should grab it all. this comes highly recommended, and if you like lo-fi melodic noisy indie pop buzzword categorization music, listen and then promptly buy. this came out on sons of vesta a year or two ago i think, and it comes with a cd that features these songs plus four more. these tunes seriously fucking rock. 


real to me
gonna move away
dry up 
knowledge kills
never return

split! Haywood / Mariner Nine 7"

this split 7" came out on crank! records in the 90s. really solid split here, both bands put together some excellent sounds. except for the song "orpoding" by mariner nine. the insert says it was originally a 13 minute song that was shortened. it's shitty. the other song by mariner nine though and the track that haywood lays down: good.


haywood- trophy case
mariner nine- rocket
mariner nine- orpoding

your glasses

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Square Pegs- Cut Me Up 7"

square pegs were a band from guelph, ontario. this came out in 1994 on a label called rubber bus recording company. i bought it from roger, a most excellent dude who was selling off his personal collection. he described this 7" as "inconsequential", but i think it's pretty solid. female-fronted indie-pop stuff.


green eyes

super ace!

Hope And Anchor- Morse Code 7"

acoustic emo. boy/girl dual vocals. this came out in 2005 and remains pretty swell.


morse code
minutes spent

heart on sleeve, shirt in the wash

Lazer Zeppelin- Jane Jane picnic plate lathe 7"

this 7" is something of a flexi i suppose. it started out as a plastic plate, and was then hand-cut if i'm getting the story right. i feel pretty bad about posting this, because the audio quality is pretty awful (i could have probably changed the settings a bit on the turntable, but seriously, it was pretty much made from a fucking plastic plate), and is not a good representation of what this band is like, so consider this an advertisement for their lp called american derivative. that record is fucking awesome. it's like a weird lo-fi noisy melodic folk album, and it's definitely one of the best albums of last year. so if you like any of what you hear from this track (or if you don't and you want to just trust me on this one), go listen to and buy their american derivative album. both that and this (which is limited to 77 copies and is out of print) were put out by people in a position to know records.

jane jane


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wendyfix- Slow / Silence 7"

this one's great. it came out on a label called spade kitty. too bad i don't know more about this band, because both songs are awesome. a comparison that comes to mind is seam. highly recommended.



alright, hamilton!

Ply- Mendel's Daughter / St. Louis 1956 7"

this came out on water records in 1997. don't know too much about this single. i remembered thinking it was better when i first heard it after buying it. it's still good enough, and definitely worth a listen. file this one under emo. the singer sounds like tom lomacchio of the deadwood divine to me.


mendel's daughter
st. louis 1956

mostly i weep

Girl Afraid- 5 Song EP

to my knowledge, this is the only other piece of recorded output by this little known canadian band. definitely awesome/worthwhile. this one was also put out of pop kid records in the mid-90s. 


some pain that way
melissa valentine
happiness is but one drastic action away

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

split! Girl Afraid / Two For Flinching 7"

this came out on pop kid record in the mid 90s and the bands were from ottawa, ontario. solid stuff here. i prefer the girl afraid ditties. sounds like they took notes from the mighty eric's trip. pretty good lo-fi indie/pop numbers. two for flinching is alright too. the song "die" is fun enough.


girl afraid- hazel figurine
girl afraid- you're so complicated
two for flinching- die
two for flinching- nibbly bit