Friday, 10 June 2011

Vitreous Humor- My Midget 7"

underrated alert. vitreous humor was an excellent band that arose from the midwest in the mid 90s. post-punk, emo, indie-you can call this whatever you want, but it's best to just call it good. the song "my midget" later appeared on a cd release aptly titled "posthumous". the flip side is a song called "new victoria falls", which was featured only on this 7". their biggest hit was "why are you so mean to me", which was featured on a split with boys life and nada surf later bought the rights for it. it's definitely worth seeking out their other stuff. one of my personal favourites is the song "sharin' stone".


my midget
new victoria falls


  1. Dude, thanks a TON for this rare 7''.

  2. absolutely. vitreous humor were great.