Saturday, 9 July 2011

split! Rusty Troller / Fighter Jet- Suffer Girl 7"

here's your serving of weird pop, and i don't necessarily mean that in the endearing way that i usually do. nonetheless, it's here for your checking out if you feel so inclined. this was a split release between the labels christmas records and small-fi records, and between the two have put out records by pretty excellent bands like the lefties, further, and the summer hits. unfortunately, neither of the two contributors here come anywhere close to being as good as the aforementioned bands, but if you've been craving some tape manipulation and sampling then you can find that right here. both thank lou barlow, and it's easy to see where they intended to go but safe to say they didn't get there successfully. released in 1994.


rusty troller- mayberry sunshine medley
rusty troller- broken hearted man

fighter jet- cute blonde girl
fighter jet- lovin', touchin', squeezin'

clouds don't care if you've got the blues

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