Friday, 13 January 2012

The Cat's Miaow- I Kept All Your Letters 7"

more soft indie plop for you to wuss out to. female-fronted and melodic. think a more shoegazey version of the softies perhaps? enjoyable in short bursts. put out in 1995 by quiddity records. i'll also put up another single they released in the same year on the same label as the same band. best track on here probably is it's true.


it's true
seventeen (the sugargliders)
what time is it there?
i can't sleep thinking you hate me

exclaim "stop yelling at me" to someone typing in all lowercase letters


  1. hey! cool blog.

    I have been here a few times ; I've read all of your posts & downloaded about 12 things...

    sorry... I did not think about leaving a comment 'til now.

    cheers from NYC.

    and thanks for existing!

  2. I like female-fronted and melodic, and I adore this band. Thanks for this obscure gem.