Saturday, 28 July 2012

Kyle Jacobsen- I Can Make New Friends With You

more unread goodness. this one's an older release. kyle jacobsen was a moniker for michael allison, who is dead now. his worldly absence makes for an added something or another when listening to these tunes,  all of which are the lowest of fi, the warmest of sad, the loneliest of loner, the best parts of bad trips. truly awesome stuff that is criminally unknown. everything on this release is really great. if you can't get behind songs like completely complete, we are not right, sun is shining on me now, and still born dreams, then get fucked. no, but seriously, it means you're probably checkin' out the wrong blog. this is the sort of thing that begs to be heard on vinyl (you'll know what i mean after you check this out), and sadly, unread records has had a time selling through these. this sucks for several reasons, but mostly because it means that this will likely be the only kyle jacobsen vinyl release. head over to unread, pick this up, and bombard them with emails to repress simon joyner's iffy while you're at it. tell them some jag with a blog on the internet sent you; they'll know what that means.


completely complete
lie to yourself
we are not right
close my eyes
i can't break down doors
(filmic warbles)
come back/come back/come back
constant rewind
inside out
chains that bind
eat your flesh
sun is shining on me now
vampire death song
woke up
still born dreams
born to be dead

unintelligible ramblings to rally around

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