Thursday, 28 April 2011

Square Pegs- Cut Me Up 7"

square pegs were a band from guelph, ontario. this came out in 1994 on a label called rubber bus recording company. i bought it from roger, a most excellent dude who was selling off his personal collection. he described this 7" as "inconsequential", but i think it's pretty solid. female-fronted indie-pop stuff.


green eyes

super ace!


  1. The 7" was tracks taken from their cassette "Bye." Magali went on to form Sheezer (and a million other bands) and Jef Mclarnen still makes music and was in Wendal, Bonnie still makes art.

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  3. You can now pick this up for free from here (with more songs):

    It'd be awesome if you could highlight it in a new post. The band okayed the release and you can get lossless versions.