Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lazer Zeppelin- Jane Jane picnic plate lathe 7"

this 7" is something of a flexi i suppose. it started out as a plastic plate, and was then hand-cut if i'm getting the story right. i feel pretty bad about posting this, because the audio quality is pretty awful (i could have probably changed the settings a bit on the turntable, but seriously, it was pretty much made from a fucking plastic plate), and is not a good representation of what this band is like, so consider this an advertisement for their lp called american derivative. that record is fucking awesome. it's like a weird lo-fi noisy melodic folk album, and it's definitely one of the best albums of last year. so if you like any of what you hear from this track (or if you don't and you want to just trust me on this one), go listen to and buy their american derivative album. both that and this (which is limited to 77 copies and is out of print) were put out by people in a position to know records.

jane jane


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