Thursday, 24 January 2013

Happy Jawbone Family Band / Great Valley split 7"

face it: your christmases are always kind of weird ("grandpa, stop doing that please") but never weird enough to transcend grandpa's unwanted advances. fix it here. it's a good slop of strange with a healthy side of shake that, honey. christmas will likely never be the same again, and not because grandpa's dead. these are limited to 150 copies. grab one from feeding tube records if it hits you square in that spot.


happy jawbone family band:
it's christmastime again
martian santa

great valley:
christmas spirits


  1. They've shut your post, my pal.
    Can you do something?


  2. There's a new mediafire thingy goin' on, my friend.
    any item that is being sell by will be banned.
    in such case please try another host or rename the file.