Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Summer Hits- 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7"

the celestial bodies beam down on you today; a double-post of most excellent tunes. this one's essential, and i don't throw that term around. hopefully you've already heard of the summer hits- their discography is smattered across several 7"s and is largely collected on their double-disc Beaches and Canyons. if that thing ever gets pressed on vinyl, look out. peace may emanate from every uneven crack in the sidewalk. bridges might become rainbows. torrents of orgasm materialized in wave-form would likely crash against the sand and turn the dirt in your teeth to bars of gold. these three songs are, as always, ripped from vinyl, and with this being a copy of the limited edition colour, you can really hear the green in each song. okay, enough fucking around. every track  kicks like a mule scorned, so drop everything (including the priceless vase you're holding), grab this, and listen repeatedly. 


lift off
mod cinema

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  1. Thanks for the Summer Hits. Great tunes.