Sunday, 3 February 2013


shut up. 
let me start that again. 
hello. a few things before we schlock on back to the rock. first, how are you? everything's just grand? excellent. next, know that i read the comments and appreciate that you slickers have taken the time to leave them. this brings me to the next point that begs for a bit of feather-dustin': as you doobs have probably noticed, i'm no good at link maintenance. if there's something you simply cannot live without, hit me up at eatingskittles @ gmail dot dot dash dot com, and i'll see what i can do for you. no laundry lists please. this blog only aspires to flash inside that ol' proverbial pan, so check back infrequently and download as we go. it's an adventure, you know. 

third-most, i'm aware of mediafire's newfound lust for tomfoolery. we'll see if we can hike it up and skirt around the problem. 

blastly, a while ago i posted a swell 7" by the band square pegs. a commenter wants you to know that you can grab a bunch of the band's stuff by following the link that concludes this post.

more jams to follow at irregular intervals. 
stay defiantly stupid, m'friends.

1 comment:

  1. Just listening to my first Square Pegs tune - Terrific! Thanks to the commentator (and YOU) for posting the bandcamp link. Great discovery.