Sunday, 15 May 2011

Anni Rossi & Whitman- Collaborative 10"

this here's a minimalistic lo-fi cooperative project between anni rossi and whitman. recorded in 2004, an it's an offering of 7 songs on 10 inches of vinyl. unfortunately there's a couple of songs that seem to be throwaways of sorts (val verde, the box springs), as they're not much more than very short songs consisting of percussion and some vocals. other than that, everything going on here is just swell, and when they're at their best- see tracks different dogs, bootcamp in idaho for examples- this collaboration respectively offers songs brimming with sparse beauty and lo-fi catchiness. 300 copies on black vinyl, 200 on burgundy; you can grab this at a decent price from either people in a position to know records or folktale records.


now you're just a ghost
boot camp in idaho
val verder
at the swimming pool
the box springs
different dogs

pinch the cheeks of the husky and youthful

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