Friday, 27 May 2011

V/A- Magic Eye Single ("Blue") 7"

magic eye released four singles that featured three to four different bands, and they called each by the colour of vinyl they were pressed on. so here's blue. it was the second in the series and it came out in 1996. the insert features a photo copy of a rejection note from the silver jews about contributing a song to one of the comps, saying that they were pretty sure they were monogamous with drag city. mostly lo-fi and/or acoustic stuff. the cover for this was made from part of a coca-cola box.


the sonora pine- hoya carnosa
zeke fiddler- everyone eventually leaves this town
nord express- crazied
new radiant storm king- embry crossroads

slipping, it seeps beneath the door


  1. Okay, this is officially the best blog ever. Thanks so much for this and the Ramon Speed and the Moon Socket and pretty much everything else -- you're doing great work here.

  2. Do you have the green single? I think it has Sleepyhead on it. I have a couple 7 inches from this label as well but didn't have this one.

  3. Yes I like but why the M4As? MP3s are superior, No?
    Anyways cheers for posting some really rare stuff.

  4. Actually, I went back and looked and I do have two of the 7 inches released by Magic Eye, the Plexorjet 7" and the "Green" 7"... the one with Sleepyhead, the funny thing is, my copy is on black vinyl, although the insert is green... not sure what's up with that. If you wanna see what it looks like, look here: