Friday, 13 May 2011

split! Eric's Trip / Moviola 7"

thankfully, there's no shortage of places to find eric's trip tracks. they were awesome and deserve to be known. one of the best canadian bands ever and one of my personal favourites. but alas, the consistency of the quality of their recorded output, in my opinion, declined as time started to bury the 90s. in their earlier days, they were completely unfuckwithable. their recorded material up to 1994 was fucking stellar (see: love tara, peter, songs about chris, belong). their last two full-lengths (forever again and purple blue) are definitely still good, but the great songs are islands surrounded by mostly average tracks. their singles post- love tara still locked it down though. the gordon street haunting, their split with sloan, the road south, and this split with moviola are all mostly excellent. i've gone and done the opposite of what i wanted to do, which was to make sure moviola got the recognition they deserve for putting out some awesome music. they're overlooked. but they shouldn't be.


eric's trip- pillow (red)
moviola- payday
moviola- don't spook the horses

it ends when you say it ends

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