Saturday, 14 May 2011

Microphones, Golden Boots, Bishop Allen, And Paleo- Collaborate With A 1940s Wire Recorder 7"

so this one came and went pretty quickly. released recently, this collaboration was released by a collaboration of labels (people in a position to know, lost sound tapes, and alt.vinyl), and is all but out of print. the story, in brief, is that these bands each recorded a song to a wire recorder. this meant that the songs were recorded onto an extremely thin piece of steel wire, which isn't exactly the epitome of high fidelity. this proves to be a good thing. the warblin' wire warmly adds an authentic old-timey charm to these tunes, and the quiet background noise created by the wire recorder sounds like a westerly winter wind, adding a tone that makes the songs seem sadder, starker, lonelier. the weakest of the four songs comes courtesy of bishop allen, but even that one's not too bad. the other three are great. worth ordering some of the last copies from the uk's alt.vinyl if that's what it takes. this was limited to 600 copies, and was truthfully an awesome project.


the microphones- i lost my wind
golden boots- marie
bishop allen- ghost
paleo- jessica's wedding

belligerent to comatose at breakneck speed

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