Wednesday, 14 September 2011

split! Sharks Keep Moving / Kentucky Pistol 7"

henry's finest recordings put this out in 1998, or at least that's when the bands recorded their songs. it's an early (first?) sharks keep moving release. it's nice and pretty, much like everything else they wrote. kentucky pistol was a band that rocky votolato was in. while their song isn't as strong as the sharks keep moving number, it's really an entirely different beast. the first half of their song is loud, discordant, and angular- the opposite of what the sharks were up to. then in around the middle of the track, it breaks into a really nice melodic part, followed up abruptly with another segment musically akin to the first half. enough with the descriptors though. seriously. fuck them. fuck descriptors and the crowd they hang out with. hear this one for yourself. neither side disappoints.


sharks keep moving- intimations of a moment
kentucky pistol- french version: they were on a train

you eat the sun, i'll bake the dirt

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  1. Thanks for leading me to another great band, just checking them out on youtube, looking forward to hearing the track