Thursday, 15 September 2011

Belly Boat / Sneakypine / Mount Eerie / Thanksgiving- Four Band Split 7"

i'm pretty sure this record has no name. it's a four band split 7" that stop drop records put out in 2006. all of the music on here is good. everything is pretty somber aside from the belly boat song, which seems almost out of place with its upbeat bounce. hidden under its buoyant bop are some strange lyrics, and so in some strange way, it seems to fit right in. and the sneakypine track sounds like it has phil elverum singing on it. i have rambled a bit without reason it seems, because all you really needed to know is that this is good. throughout. all four bands. all two bands on either side.  mathematics: they are not your strongest suit.


belly boat- give me a pot to piss in and i'll give you something to drink
sneakypine- shelter cover
mount eerie- let's get out of the romance (black)
thanksgiving- in the cavez of night

the magician's got scars

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  1. love anything Phill touches, I get hypnotized I think. It especially good when your walking around in the dark with headphones