Sunday, 11 September 2011

V/A- Nailed To The Stars

this compilation was released by jealous butcher records in 1996, and the bands are all connected to eugene, oregon. each band here does a couple of tracks. some strikeout both times (pete & amy), some go dutch (rally boy), and one double whammies 'em clear out of the elementary school's park and smashes the window of the principal's office (kind of like spitting). a decent compilation, and completely worth downloading for the kind of like spitting tracks alone, which offers an unreleased track (time and how to waste it) and one only previously available on the debut cassette (february 18th, 1996).


the ex-hustlers- iago's coat; stella in need
the power jack- sanchez; calibrate
kind of like spitting- time and how to waste it; february 1996
22 sparkling smiles- everyday; sea of heartbreak
bossa nova 2600- choke; donde es maria, ora?
rally boy- shad virus; france and colorado
pete & amy- too good to be true; how long has this been going on?
kpants- my strong back legs; vampire girl

the ebbs of tomorrow felt today

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  1. can you post more/ help me find more rally boy?