Friday, 2 September 2011

V/A- Periscope: Another Yo Yo Compilation

by and large, this comp is most excellent. it's got only a few shitty songs, and the rest of them range from pretty good to really great. essential because neutral milk hotel's awesome song "bucket" is exclusive to this release. the raggedy ann tune is also a definite highlight here. undeniably worth your while to listen to this.


mukilteo fairies- bloody breath
go sailor- last year
excuse 17- sevewhateverteen
fitz of depression- piss butt
love as laughter- super christ
tummy ache- purple violet squish
raggedy ann- orange juice star
cub- flaming red bob sled
crabs- chubbette
appleseed- high
bloodthirsty butchers- i hate you
neutral milk hotel- bucket
long hind legs- dress in my bed
tattle tale- girls go to heaven
team dresch- fake fight
copass grinderz- bakuonki
beck- the world may lose its motion

words as sleight of hand

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